3G Spy Camera with Auto Automatic on Functioning

3G Covert Camera

The 3g Spy Camera with an internal rechargeable battery pack that will allow you to access live audio and videos from almost anywhere on the globe on you 3g enabled smartphones. These 3g covert cameras are small and look like a mobile phone and capable of sending high-quality videos and meanwhile you can listen to clear frequency voice even when you are not there.

The 3g spy cameras operate on the 3g network and you don’t need computers or laptop to install or watch videos, just by calling the camera from your phone all sows you listen and watch everything behind you. Several companies and agencies offer this camera in 3 catalogs: 
  1. 3g Clock Camera
  2. Covert 3g Cameras kit with video server
  3. Smoke Camera 3g 

How 3G Spy Camera Works:

This kind of camera are compatible with any 3g SIM card across all 3g networks available flexible to use and easy to install just insert your SIM card and battery and you are all set up. Now, dial a video call from any 3g network to a registered phone number and you can access everything you want to see and listen. 

3g Spy cameras also offer to add and delete authorized numbers and also accept remote commands, functioning and setting as well. If any question in mind regarding the battery backup so this camera can work continuously up to 200hours and use battery backup when disconnected from the mains power. 

These 3g spy camera can be used at industries, corporate offices, home, child care, elderly care, banks shops and malls.

Features of 3G Covert Cameras 

  • High-quality videos and audio with remote sensor 
  • High-resolution image capturing capability 
  • Remote SMS set up
  • Work on all 3g network across the globe
  • Pin code protected 
  • Live record facility to external device
  • Phone report on camera setting including battery and signal status
  • Camera 5.0 million pixels
  • Battery: Lithium ion battery of 1750 mah

3g covert cameras can fulfill all your needs in terms of high-quality pictures, audio and videos live to stream.

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